Debt Mediation

Mediation is the use of a trained, neutral facilitator – a mediator – to assist in the negotiations of parties in a dispute. Mediators use conflict resolution skills to facilitate effective negotiation. They may advise, counsel, and assist the parties on ways to come to agreement, but do not tell them how they should conduct their business or personal affairs. A mediator does not take sides or decide how the dispute should be resolved.

The parties in a mediation must have absolute trust in the process. This requires a mediator who can lead and manage the discussion as a neutral party, without making decisions or judgments.

If a debt is contentious or under dispute, often the best way to get paid is to enter into debt mediation. By untangling and dealing with the obstacles in the way of payment, an effective debt mediator can bring about a solution where previously other efforts have failed.

Most importantly, this form of debt resolution can often be far less costly and time-consuming than legal proceedings and helps produce a win-win outcome for both parties involved.

If you feel debt mediation would be the best way to achieve settlement of a debt, but would like some more information about the process before committing contact us on 067 56670.

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