Credit Control Support

Implementing and maintaining a strong credit control function is a challenge for most businesses. Ineffective credit control systems and procedures can lead to one of the main causes of business failure – inadequate cash flow.

In these challenging times, it’s the small-medium sized business that can take the hardest hit. So, as organisations ‘tighten their belt’, you need to ensure that you not only collect on time, but reduce the risk of debt going bad.

But how do you do this whilst maintaining good relations with your clients? You’ve worked hard to get the business and you don’t want to lose it nor your reputation with an inappropriate reaction.

We can help you improve your credit performance by getting the best from your credit systems and staff.

We will conduct a thorough review of your credit control systems and, if necessary, help you to implement tried and tested credit control methods and techniques. In addition, we can also provide training and support in the following key areas:

  • Effective lettering to maximise collections.
  • How to use online credit reports to assess risk.
  • Effective ways to set credit limits.
  • Telephone collections techniques.

Our review of the Order to Cash process and supporting processes often highlights a number of issues which require attention. The following are common problems which regularly come to light:

  • Queries and disputes take too long to be resolved.
  • Debtors are treated in the same way when it comes to collections processes irrespective of risk and spend.
  • Allocation of payments is not performed in a timely or accurate manner.
  • The Sales and Credit processes can be at loggerheads with conflicting goals and behaviours.
  • Staff are too afraid to ask for payment for fear of upsetting a customer.
  • Ineffective reports and data make it difficult to know what the true position is.

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