Credit Control Outsourcing

Successful Credit Control is an integral part of every business. Without it, many businesses run the risk of juggling their own finances to meet internal payment deadlines, incurring unnecessary interest charges from banks & the constant headache of meeting the monthly bill payments, not to mention a dent in profits.

It’s common knowledge that Credit Control is often one of the few in-house procedures that is overlooked. The task of asking for payment of your invoices can be daunting at times as you want to protect your customer relationships, yet still need to be paid on time.

We offer a bespoke Outsourced Credit Control Service that is second to none, operating as either your Company’s Credit Control Department or operating as 3rd Party Collections acting on your behalf. We can easily become an extension of your business delivering all calls, emails & correspondence in your Company name. We can also handle all relating queries in the same way, constantly learning about your business and essentially becoming a successful and integral part of it. The right people are the people who feel as passionate about your business as you do.

The benefits of outsourcing your credit control are different for every company. The main benefit to you as a business owner or decision maker is that it is by far the most cost effective method of collecting your money. Other major benefits are:

  • Increased Cash-Flow
  • Fewer past-due customers
  • Lower Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Consistent and prompt communication with customers
  • Expansion without the need to hire more collection staff

Using an outsourced Credit Control Company to control, manage and collect your invoices, cuts out all the major overheads involved and gets straight to the point. Whether it’s recruiting and hiring, training of staff or expensive HR, IT & building costs that are involved, then there are definite substantial savings to be made through outsourcing. With today’s economic climate it makes sense to keep one eye on ‘the cost of living’ whilst seriously looking at ways of achieving the same, if not better, results at a lower cost. Outsourcing is now the way forward for many businesses looking to cut back costs yet still retain the same if not higher levels of success!

If you decide to outsource your credit control we will discuss your priorities, analyse your goals and prepare a strategy to lower your Day Sales Outstanding (DSO). This includes maintaining professional and consistent communications with your customers.

To find out more about our credit control outsourcing services, call us now on 067 56670.

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