Small Claims Court Ireland – Online Claim

We previously wrote about the failings of the Small Claims procedure when it comes to business to business debts. However, for individuals who have an eligible claim for under €2,000, there is a new online facility for making a Small Claims application online.

Small Claims Court Ireland Online

Before you rush off to sue every Tom, Dick and Harry, take note that only the following types of claim are eligible:

  • A claim in respect of goods or services bought for private use from someone selling them in the course of a business (consumer claim).
  • A claim in respect of minor damage to property (but excluding personal injuries).
  • A claim in respect of the non-return of a rent deposit in relation to a holiday premises (actions relating to rent deposits for places of residence must be brought to the Private Residential Tenancies Board.)

Get more information and advice about the Small Claims Court procedure in Ireland by downloading the following PDF guide:

A Guide to the Small Claims Court in Ireland

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