Fees & Charges

Debt Collection

Our aim is to turn all our clients into long term customers. All of our long term clients will have bespoke price-packages that suit both parties. At the stage where you feel that you decide you want to use us on an ongoing basis, your Account Manager will be happy to discuss reduced rates based on age, size & type of debt.

The minimum debt size we will collect on is €3,000.00 and all debts must be backed up by a commercial contract.

For ad hoc instructions (up to 10 accounts at any one time), we charge a file handling fee of €35.00 plus VAT per instruction, payable in advance. We also charge the following commission rates as follows on all monies collected:

Commission Rates based on age of debt:

25% 32.5% 40%

Please note age of debt is calculated from date of original invoice. VAT @ 23% is charged on all commission and management fees.

Our charges cover all work carried out prior to legal action.

To start collecting your debts today, please use our Online Debt Instruction Form.

Credit control support & outsourcing services

As you will appreciate, the fees are a little harder to gauge and will depend on the type of services required, the length of time it takes to introduce and support any new measures and the number of people we would need to commit to each project. Suffice to say, the benefits our clients gain from retaining our services will far outweigh the costs.

Before asking any prospective clients to make a commitment, we will first conduct a FREE review of your current credit control function and then put forward our detailed recommendations of the areas which require attention and our views on how these can be improved. This report will also contain a breakdown of our fees and it is then up to you to decide whether you feel the investment is worthwhile.

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